Pine Wood Smoked Scotch Ale — ABV 7%

This corpulent Scotch ale is brewed with a traditional variety of pine wood-smoked Lapsang tea, evoking aromas of whisky, toasted oak and fresh tobacco. Post fermentation, the beer is aged with crushed juniper berries; releasing resinous evergreen flavours that pair well with game and smoked meats.

Raspberry Sour Beer – ABV 5.5%

Not content with creating just one beer together, The Beak and Damit breweries siphoned off half of their UK sour beer collaboration and left it to age over Yorkshire raspberries for two months. Picked at maximum ripeness, the sweet raspberries balance the acidity of the sour mash and introduce some gentle wild yeast flavours.

Enigma Double IPA — ABV 7.2%

Brewed in collaboration with the formidable Tap East microbrewery in East London, this one-off DIPA is all about big, juicy, fruit-salad-like flavours, derived from Australian Enigma hops. Bitterness is tethered to a chewy malty backbone provided by two-row English malt.

Unique Gyle Number: 210516-0001

UK Sour Beer — ABV 5.5%

The Beak joined forces with Leeds-based brewery Damit to create an ultra pale UK sour beer made with English Bramling Cross and East Kent Goldings hops. We sour-mashed the malt creating delicate flavours of russet apples, fresh curd and honey. Pairs really well with Wensleydale.

Unique Gyle Number: 160414-0003

Imperial Stout (Cascade | Chinook) — ABV 7.5%

A jet-black Imperial stout brewed with American Cascade, Chinook and Columbus hops, as well as six varieties of roasted, smoked and chocolate malts. Leave to breathe and warm in the glass for aromas of pine, vanilla and freshly cut grass. Expect flavours of coffee, oak and molasses, and a crisp briney finish.

Unique Gyle Number: 180515-0001